"...give it to the world."

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From: September 21st, 1911

"Death is the final country! Once we have conquered the Mountain, we will conquer Death. Mankind will be free of age and oblivion."


A roar of delight!

[…] applauding. The Bishop rises only grudgingly […] others? The Possessed Emissary […]December […]devils […]

You step out of the tent […] "You were right, general" […]

"If we succeed," you point out. […] "No one ever has, you know."

Description summary:
You will hand out immortality to all Mankind. Almost everyone cheers - Captains are applauding; officers cry with joy; Bishop is grumpy because his people won't be only one to receive it, but agree; "The Possessed Emissary" is inscrutable with "her eyes like mirrors"; December is happy (Though you suspect that they'll be still pleased even if you bomb the mountain); and devils are arguing over what this might mean (and probably unhappy). Of course, you'll have to succeed in actually breaching the Mountain - which is not shown.

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