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From: A Grubby Inquiry

Few have the capacity to understand, let alone appreciate, your work. You are fluent in the language of the stars, and all should know this.

Unlocked with Violant.png Profession: Correspondent


"You ain't going to catch fire, are you?"

The urchin is examining your face from a cautious distance. "You've got both eyebrows; you must be good, Correspondent." He takes a precautionary step backwards, nevertheless. "I best get going. To make sure people know 'ow to address you. […]

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Success Instructions: If you wish to choose a different title, or to swap to a new title once you have unlocked it, you will find the option on 'The Roof-Tops: Urchins' Opportunity Card.

  • Papers5small.png An occurrence! Your 'Addressed as:' Quality is now Correspondent!