"Ere, you! D'you want this?"

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From: The Roof-Tops: Urchins

"It smells like old herring and cats' p__s. But it came off the doorstep of... never mind who. But look close, you can see it's the good stuff. Swap yer. Ah-ah. Not so cheap this year. Lots of groundlings after snow. […] You want it or not?"

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Unlocked with Eyestorm.png 7 x Storm-Threnody, Scaryeye.png 1 x Night-Whisper, Urchin.png Renown: Urchins 10, Snowbucket.png Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre 1, Door.png A Clear Path 1

Wiki note: In 2020, this branch vanished on 20 January.


A dubious prize

You carry the stinking stuff home. It does look paler than the stuff in the streets, and its aroma is, perhaps, a little more rotting-vegetable-matter and a little less tomcat. A romantic would say it smelt of the sea.