"Forget him."

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From: The Missionary and the Firebrand: after the Nadir

Game Instructions: This will make the Missionary your Companion.


Gone into the dark


"Our arrangement stands," the Firebrand adds. "Knowledge of the Nadir's location will be worth something. I don't intend to sell it. You should get what you can for it."

"I will." She puts her arm through yours. "We will."


Description summary:
The Missionary agrees with you, and wonders aloud what she ever saw in the Firebrand. They eye each other up and down for a moment, and when the two of you leave, the Firebrand warns you to not turn your back on her. Then he limps away and disappears in the darkness.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

Success Instructions: You may later be able to upgrade the Missionary companion, or make her your Spouse. This concludes the story of the Missionary and the Firebrand for now: but you may be able to sell the knowledge you've gained, and the Nadir remains open to you. When your irrigo has faded, you may return there...