"I can't help you if you don't have an egg."

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From: A Tailor's Augmentation

"I know what the sign says, but I've been swamped. It you want me to take your jacket in, you'll have to wait till after it's stopped laying."

Locked with Crimsonegg.png It is Viable! (hidden)


Inside information?

[…]Does she know where all these eggs are from?

[…]I have my own opinion.[…]She starts miming threading needles. Or she's using so fine a thread that it's difficult to see. "It's not the devils, that I know[…]if you get hold of an egg, do pop back."

Description summary:
She doesn't really know what the eggs are, and the devils are just as clueless. But she might know more if you get her some eggs.

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