"Let's get down to business."

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From: The Western Tower

"We've given you this charming room. We've given you the pleasure of our company. There's something you can do for us. Sweetheart. And for you, at this time of year, a very particular price."

Description summary:
This will exchange your soul - that frippery! - for the wonderfully generous price of seven Storm-Threnodies and one Night-Whisper. Coincidentally, this is the exact cost of an item that the Urchins are selling.

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Unlocked with Keygold.png Key to a Brass Embassy Guest Room

Locked with Document.png Your very own Infernal Contract, Bloodstain.png Stain on Your Soul, Tentacles.png In Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement


A fleeting uncertainty

When you see a rejected lover in the street, do you feel that sense of something lost - but undesired - but lost? Well, what's done is done. Hell has your soul now; but Hell was terribly nice about it.