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From: A Grubby Inquiry

Your work has been recognised, criticised, even plagiarised. But you'll have to dispose of some of your more controversial research before the University will allow you your proper title.

Unlocked with Papers3.png 25 x Compromising Document, Bookblack.png 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum, University.png Featuring in the Tales of the University 30

Locked with Deportestration.png Unwelcome at the University


"Wot do you teach?"

"Is it about spiders? Bet it's spiders. I hate spiders." The urchin shivers theatrically. "Well, fanks, Prof'. I'll make sure people know."

Success Instructions: If you wish to choose a different title, or to swap to a new title once you have unlocked it, you will find the option on 'The Roof-Tops: Urchins' Opportunity Card.