'...I have a few friends yet in Society...'

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From: A letter to an old flame

'...if only the Duke of M______ was not such a preening ninny. I doubt he will understand half the clever allusions I have made in my letter. Perhaps if I had carved the word HELP on a wine-cork...'

Unlocked with 1 x Favours: Society

Challenge information

A matter of luck: How can you fail? (success chance: 90%)


A cursory note from the Duke

He will mention your name where it is good for your name to be mentioned. He's misspelt your name though. Or his secretary has, more like. Still, it's promising.


Days pass with no word

Eventually you find the letter you thought you'd sent the Duke in the pocket of your favourite smoking-jacket. Horrible light dawns. You put the letter in the wrong envelope! The Duke has received a note describing him as a preening ninny! […]

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