'I've heard you are a (gender) of your word...'

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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! 110 - the Christmas Card List

You couldn't possibly comment, of course. People are terribly kind.

Unlocked with Document.png 2 x Personal Recommendation, Quirksteadfast.png Steadfast 4


Four down

[…] At the top, exact capitals read THE CHRISTMAS CARD LIST. […] [Y]ou […] make out one entry: […] Emilia Hathersage.

[…] [Y]ou inform the Mother Superior of your meeting […]

Description summary:
Before she departs, the woman at Wilmot's End shows you the Christmas Card List. April, alias Emilia Hathersage, is at Wolfstack Docks. You tell the Mother Superior you met with her woman in Wilmot's End. She hopes you can kill the Vake because she's running out of nuns to fight it.

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