'Swear by one of the Three Oaths!'

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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! 110 - the Christmas Card List

Description summary:
It is said they are engraved upon the roots of the Mountain. Only a fool would dare break one.

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Unlocked with Mountainglow.png 2 x Primaeval Hint


The first of three

'...that my word shall bind me. My promise shall outlast my flesh, and the very flesh of the world. […]' She is satisfied. Taking a slip of paper from her pocket, she unfolds it […] April, it says, followed by a Wolfstack address and a name […].

Description summary:
The Oath is taken - and it is indeed terribly binding, beyond even death. Your contact shows you only a single item of the CHRISTMAS CARD LIST, relating to April, alias Emilia Hathersage. Apparently she has a real name and lives in Wolfstack Docks. Upon return home, the Mother Superior is in a bad mood and hopes you can kill the Vake, because she's running out of nuns to fight it.

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