A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets

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A name known throughout the Neath for its acuity and intellect.

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  1. Coiled in Quander
  2. Imprinted in the Illustration
  3. Wreathed as the Rose Giveth
  4. Chiselled in Loamsprach
  5. Calligraphed in Hudum
  6. Burning in the language of Xanadu
  7. Immortal in Horizon Glyphs


  1. Making Your Name: The Case of the Honey-Addled Detective
  2. Making Your Name: Find a Tattooed Courier's contact
  3. Making Your Name: The Case of the Absconding Devil
  4. Making Your Name – Begin a Case: the Disappearing Heiress
  5. Making Your Name: A Raid on the Brass Embassy!
  6. Making Your Name: the Tomb of the Seven
  7. Finish your investigations at the university