A Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger (action)

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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee of Mystification

One of the Bishop's Clematis League is eager to join you on the campaign trail. She was once a governess. It has forged her into the woman you see before you.

Game Instructions: The Dame-Harbinger is Watchful and Respectable.

Unlocked with Declaim.png You have pledged your support to - The Bishop of Southwark

Locked with Patroness.png A Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger


She insists upon tea first

[…] "I have heard of you, of course. I do not entirely approve." She sighs, "Nevertheless, his Grace has faith. In general, and in you in particular. I shall be at your side, and by heaven, we shall give them such a talking to."

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