A drink before you go

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Appallingsecret.png This content is part of the Mr Eaten storyline.
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From: The Body and the Number

Action Cost: 7

The sacramental beer must be brewed with corn. The corn will be expensive. But that is nothing, now. Can you drink it until you choke? Why are you even thinking of doing this?

Game Instructions: Don't do it. Death will be your only reward. You can acquire Correspondence Plaques by using Wild Words items in your inventory.

Unlocked with Scrawl1.png 7 x Correspondence Plaque

Locked with Scrawl1.png 2 x Weeping Scar

Challenge information

Cardfan.png A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


Drinking your fill and more

You gulp down pint after pint. […]

You're sleepy now. […] it will all go away. The hunger. The need for the name. Just take a little sleep. Seven tankards empty, just as it should be. There's blood in the bedclothes. Just a little sleep.

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Still here

No bleak embrace. No dark beach. No silent river. A brain-hammering headache and a sour taste are all you have to mark last night.

Failure Instructions: You had a lucky escape. Do not repeat this.