A furtive knock at the back door

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From: Visitors at Hallowmas

Here is a gentleman in sombre clothing of good cut. Why does he skulk so?

Unlocked with Making Waves 5, Nightmares 5


A Haunted Doctor

[…] "Excise the infection, I thought, but the cure can be worse than the disease."

[…] "The Liberation of Night," he hisses. […] "You'll dream of it at Hallowmas. If you choose to. You should choose to. For all our sakes. […]" […]

Description summary:
You have been recommended by someone. He speaks of trees, apples and orchards. The doctor's in bad condition. The Liberation of Night is something you can dream of at Hallowmas, if you choose to. He also marks you with soot.

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Success Instructions: Return to your lodgings to see your Destiny.