A hefty price

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From: Light Fingers: Bribing Jasper and Frank

But at least you needn't marry either of them.

Unlocked with Jade.png 2000 x Jade Fragment, Sapphire.png 10 x Sapphire, Newgate.png 3 x Blackmail Material


A small betrayal

[…]"Might be[…]Fires is losing trust in Mr Edward," says Jasper.[…]

[…]moon-silk[…]Can't have[…]precious commodity in the hands[…]A bad man, I hear.[…]

"Mr Fires wants a word with you, by the way."[…]

"He told us you'd know where to find him,"[…]

Description summary:
Frank and Jasper muse on what a terrible man Poor Edward is, telling you that Mr Fires confiscated the moon silk and that it wants to talk to you.

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