A luxuriously thick, green Cloak

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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee

'Provided by an anonymous donor'. That's hardly ominous at all.

Game Instructions: The Cloak is Clothing which raises Shadowy, Dreaded and Artisan of the Red Science.

Unlocked with Gift.png A Free Gift

Locked with Meteors green.png Velvet Cloak with Burning Buttons



[…]This is clothing for someone who[…]can afford not to walk anywhere further than the next room.[…]"[…]There was a note, but it just read 'Accidentally acquired. Too recognisable. Recommend not wearing at red salons' which makes no sense at all[…]."

Description summary:
The cloak is dazzling, but uncomfortably weighty. The attendant says it was in a box just dumped outside anonymously. He would wear it himself, but he'd need to wear heels.

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