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From: An Admission of Affection (storylet)

You'll permit them to kiss your hand, but no more than that for now. You must come to know them better, first.

Game Instructions: This will grant a minor boost to Making Waves. You'll also gain a few Romantic Notions.

Unlocked with 1 x Free Evening, An Admission of Affection [friend] 1

Locked with Seen with [friend] 1

Your friend needs Seen with [you] 0

When Sent

A bud blooms

Your sweetheart takes your hand into their own, and presses a kiss to it. You can feel the heat of their hand where they clasp your own. Goodness. Who knows where this may lead?

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You accepted [friend]'s admission of affection.

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] accepted your admission of affection. They allowed you to kiss their hand, but nothing more.