Another betrayal

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From: The Mind and the Number

Perhaps they will be attracted by shining stones and bright glass. Perhaps they will betray you over pointless baubles.

Game Instructions: Don't do this. This is foolish. You will lose many things.

Unlocked with 1-3 x Memory of Chains

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


Laying out a trail

[…] London is generous. She gives you a regiment of thieves. Half of them wear badges on their hats. […] They are coming now. Seven blue men to take you away to the chains, the blessed and accursed. All for the name. Everything for the name.

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Success Instructions: Can you bear to do this seven times? Stop now, before it destroys you.


The wrong kind of betrayal

You arranged your own betrayal. You made yourself a target. The venal and the vicious could not resist it. But they didn't chain you. They beat you and robbed you. Why can they not understand?