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From: Interview with the Interpreter: a Game of Chess

He claims to offer rational explanations, after all.

Game Instructions: This will reduce your dream quality, but may provide Direful Reflections.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 80%)


'A correspondence?'

[…]'We see a correspondence. Games of war, war played out through games. A seven-branched candelabra. Few of us are chess-men, but we like to believe we are moved by the hand of another. The glass opens only for the serpent.' […]

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Rare Success

'I'm listening...'

[…] Games of war, struggles played out like games. The coloured stone. Cities lost to bats or battle. The parabola of dreaming underlies the plane of meaning. There are points at which they touch, you see?' […] matters you had thought forgotten.

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[…] 'The king rules. The pawns are ruled...but not controlled. War played out in games brings order to chaos and chaos to order.' Well, it's a measure of understanding, you suppose.

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