Casual : Some intriguing but minor bug pics that I recorded.

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These pictures are screenshot of bugs that got fixed or way too minor to report. I decided to show them as conversation pieces. Also, I wanted to try pratice wiki tools that are seldom used. Who knows, it might become handy later.

Also, these pictures only shows up if you click "Read More >" button.

Said pictures of bugs[edit]

  • I Saw this one with 0 Dangerous:

img src="[ alt="Is_he_talking_about_Acclaimed_Beauty_eroteme"

  • Error from social action attempt followed by re-entering fallen london URL. Note - no actual item gained here


  • "Hugh Mann, a shrewd of some especially unspecified gender. Something is wrong here."


3 Pics of echoing-related errors, all fixed now.[edit]



  • These Action point are nothing more than illusion. No actual change; as shown here.