Contacts & Quirks: a new cataloging system

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Hi, guys! You've probably noticed the changes to the classification of Connections and Quirks. To account for the increased prominence of Connections, a new system is in place. Please use it:

Connected: Bohemian is increasing...
(tag page with category "Bohemian Gain")

Connected: the Duchess is dropping...
You've lost a quality: Connected: the Duchess
(tag page with category "The Duchess Loss")

Unlocked with Connected: Urchins 20+
(tag page with category "Urchins")

Locked with Connected: The Constables 30 or higher
(tag page with category "The Constables")

Challenge Information
Connected: Hell

  • 5 - modest (70%)
  • 6 - very modest (80%)
  • 7 - low risk (90%)
  • 8 - straightforward (100%)

(tag page with category "Hell")

Basically, we use "[Contact Name]" (without quote marks) as a category for Unlock/Lock requirements and Challenge Information. "[Contact Name] Gain" is for gaining and raising the Connected quality. "[Contact Name] Loss" is for losing the Connected quality in any way.

This same system is used for Quirks, too! We all know what I mean by Quirks? They're those funny character traits of yours such as Austere, Hedonist, Subtle, and so on. Quirks are still being reorganized, though. With enough adrenaline-fueled sessions, all Quirk-related pages should be recataloged before the end of this month. :)

"Making Waves" is also under this system. "A Scholar of the Correspondence" is a great candidate. And, um, there might be others. Don't look at me like that... Ask Aximillio! He slaps Gain/Loss on stuff when nobody's looking, that punk. :P

There's an issue which requires everyone's cooperation. You must have noticed the other recent change, the shortening of results (Success/Rare Success/Failure). The S/RS/F templates are coded to cut off the display of text at a point of 250 characters. Outcomes are always fully displayed, or at least they should be displayed. (Outcomes are messages like "Persuasive is increasing...", "Wounds is dropping...", "Your 'Seduction: Struggling Artist' Quality has gone!", and so forth. They're separate from the narrative text.) Many of the outcomes lie inside the templates, so they get truncated. This can be fixed!

The templates open with the curly brackets {{ and close with }}. Move the }} brackets away from the outcome code and towards the narrative text. Example:
{{La, la, la, you're leaping across the rooftops of the Flit. You will meet the Topsy King to discuss the finer points of rat roast.

Shadowy is increasing...

Nightmares is increasing...}}

The Shadowy and Nightmares messages won't be visible unless you move the closing }} brackets to the story text. Once they're moved properly, it'll look like this:
{{La, la, la, you're leaping across the rooftops of the Flit. You will meet the Topsy King to discuss the finer points of rat roast.}}

Shadowy is increasing...

Nightmares is increasing...

Thank you. Voice any of your ideas here or at the Watercooler.