Temporary Events have moved, weapons have been updated, and more!

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The top green navigation bar has been updated:

  • "Temporary Events"/holiday/unique timed events or whatever you wanna call 'em have been moved to the Retired section as "Seasonal Events". These are the cards and storylets of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, All Hallows' Eve, or visits from Mr Sacks. (Note that the Halloween portion is rather bleak and would welcome additional information!)
  • Professions section now holds a "Payments" link for the page which lists all the weekly payments.

This past week, several new hats, clothing, gloves, weapons, boots and pets were added to the Bazaar for purchase!

Weapon effects/stats have improved today!

The wiki pages have been updated accordingly. If you find something incorrect, please don't hesitate to leave a Comment about it or edit the page yourself. :)

EDIT: New options to Rob a drunk will put a pretty penny in your pockets.

You. Rats. And guns which may or may not fire at you, never mind your opponents. The Department of Menace Eradication wants you to make magic happen.