Buy a permanent reservation at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel

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From: A merry gentleman

The Merry Gentleman is known to have a taste for mysteries. If you don't have enough honey to float a cruiser, this will allow you to purchase a Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem for less than the Bazaar price.

Game Instructions: You can acquire Antique Mysteries by using Elder items in your inventory.

Unlocked with 50 x Antique Mystery, Watchful 100

Locked with 1 x Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem


Boldly done

There's nowhere like the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. Its luxury is unparalleled […] Lock your door […] Use the reservation in your inventory to move here.

[…] a maid knocks demurely on your door. "The Manager sent these for you with his compliments.[…]"

Description summary:
You have obtained a reservation at the luxurious Royal Bethlehem Hotel. A maid also delivered some items courtesy of The Manager.

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