Eat your main course! (Surface)

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From: Time to Dine!

A tuna brought down from the Surface. A rare treat!

Unlocked with Dinner: Your Main Course exactly 2, Dinner: The Current Course 3, Dinner: Invited [friend's name]

When Sent

Missing from home

The taste of its flesh is not like the fish you have here. It is meaty, yes, but it seems to be missing something. Perhaps it is somehow lacking without the peligin. Have you been down here so long, that you've become accustomed to the dark?

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

  • You enjoyed the Surface dinner prepared for you by [friend's name]
  • You completed a Social Event: Invited to Dinner with [friend's name]

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] enjoyed the Surface dinner you served them.