Explore the metallurgical qualities of a Justificande

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From: Begin a Scientific Investigation

How much of its unique behaviour is because of Irem, how much inscription, and how much a question of the metal itself?

Game Instructions: This experiment will yield a Conceptual Breakthrough in Currency Design.

Unlocked with Laboratory Services from the Numismatrix, 1 x Justificande Coin, 1 x Forged Justificande Coin, The Efficient Commissioner's Tale 100

Locked with Experimental Object


A review of old studies

You have studied the Justificande before […] But there are other questions one might ask. How does the Justificande wield its effect? Is it […] a matter of inscription […]? And what other bonds might be constructed through the choice of material in a coin?

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Conclusion: Conclude your study of the metallurgy of Justificandes