Flaunt a Confession!

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From: Confessions at the Feast of Masks

Someone has been foolish enough to Trust you. Share their Confession with London! How you and your real friends will laugh!

Game Instructions: This will remove the Trust your friend has for you; steal up to five points of Making Waves; and award you a little Spirit of Hallowmas and some Gossip. Your victim will gain Scandal.

Unlocked with Confessions 1, The Date - 2nd of November

Your friend needs Trust (you) exactly 1

When Sent

'Did you hear...'

The tale spreads through the salons like fire through a rookery. You took only modest efforts to conceal the identity of the person in question - their name is half the appeal.

The salons buzz with gossip. […]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

[Friend]'s confession becomes further fuel for the ravening engine of gossip that drives London's salons. Their star dips; yours rises.

Your friend will receive:

Looks in the street. Stifled laughter as you leave a room. A man spits in your footsteps. A number of your acquaintances no longer reply to your letters. The fruit of [Friend]'s betrayal.