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The cells yawn like the fissures in the stone; the bars reddened with old blood and spilt honey. In Old Newgate, the inmates rule the prison, where they compete in an ancient game: Flint, or Dagger? Mr Iron's prohibition was not heard here. […]

Description summary:
The last two paragraphs vary depending on Dagger or Flint and on your number of Bees Caught.

Dagger or FlintThird Paragraph
0 – 9root
10 – 19The shadows are full of candles. The Flint are confident in their supremacy.
20 – 29The Daggers walk warily, fearful of ambushes in the light. They walk in twos, knives held front and back.
30 – 39There are skirmishes in the shadows; bodies mount on the tiles. You hear rasping breaths as feet run through the dark, the dying pursuing those they would see dead.
40 – 49The corridors and chambers are hushed. Eyes watch from behind bars. Breaths are held; all wait for the next move in the game.
50The game stands on a knifepoint. Your contribution is noted. Emissaries from the other side draw near. Which side will see you as one of their own?
53 – 69The game runs amok. Figures in ragged cloaks run pell-mell through the crumbling chambers of the prison. Daggers flash; bodies fall, lights race on through the dark.
70 – 79Fighting is fierce in the refectory. The Flint ring bells in the chapel as a warning, but the bells are soon stilled. The Dagger encroaches; Flint holds its cells to the last man.
80 – 89The Flint shutter their lamps and carry dim rushes. Their eyes are ever wary for blades in the dark.
90 – 97Blood washes the tiles. Knives are carried openly. The Dagger are confident in their victory.
Bees CaughtFourth Paragraph
0 - 49Your cage of bees is practically empty.
50 - 99Your cage of bees buzzes. There is room yet for more.
100 - 599Your cage of bees grows heavy. But perhaps you could still fit more inside...
600+Your cage of bees is like a lead weight on your arm. Surely this is bees enough.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Choose DAGGER or Choose FLINT

Storylet appears in The University




  •  Spoiler 
    Action Cost: 0



    Old Newgate's Province

    Redirects to: The Caging of Bees




Set an ambush


Become leader of the Flint


Defect to the Dagger



Sow carnage


Become leader of the Dagger


Defect to the Flint

Airs of Old Newgate


Betray both sides ( Airs 0 - 25)


Spring an ambush ( Airs 0 - 50)


Hunt a swarm of drones ( Airs 25 - 75)

Eye blue.png

Keep to the shadows ( Airs 50 - 100)


Commune with the bees ( Airs 75 - 100)

  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Airs of Old Newgate 76 - 100


    Challenge information

    Narrow, Mithridacy 6 || 1 and below - almost impossible (10%) || 2 - high-risk (20%) || 3 - high-risk (30%) || 4 - tough (40%) || 5 - very chancy (50%) || 6 - chancy (60%) || 7 - modest (70%) || 8 - very modest (80%) || 9 - low-risk (90%) || 10 and above - straightforward (100%)




    Turn and turn about