Forgotten Quarter Expeditions

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Expeditions take the form of three stages: Preparation, Excavation and Loot!




Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter will appear when you're in the Quarter and your Owl.png Watchful quality is at least 60.

The goal of preparing is to get as many Toolbox.png Supplies as possible. The cap is 100, and you can re-use supplies left over from other Ruins.png Expeditions, so there’s no need to worry too much about overpreparing. If anything, it's advisable to cap out at 100 before beginning your expedition; there's nothing more embarrasing than failing because you were missing the single unit of supplies needed to arrive at your objective.

The options to gather Supplies are as follows:

If you have plenty of time, and lots of Jade.png Jade Fragment, Amber.png Nodule of Deep Amber or Red gold.png Piece of Rostygold sitting around, you can trade them for Whispered secret.png Whispered Hints with the Tiger Keeper in the Labyrinth of Tigers. This will net you 1100 Hints for every 1000 resources you hand over.



Once you’ve finished up your preparations, you can head out on an Expedition! Once you’ve chosen your Expedition, you can’t go back to get more supplies. So be sure to come prepared. If you run out of Supplies, you’ll have to abandon your Expedition, which is a terrible waste. Each of these areas provide different rewards and lore.

Note: If you can cope with the Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares that Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter brings you can change Forgottenquarter2.png The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter there until they are 96-100 (you can check their value using the Scrapbook Value trick). Since starting an expedition will not change them again you will be able to hit your journey off with A sign?

Learn the Traditions of the Forgotten Quarter to gain your first point of Papers4.png Archaeologist unlocking the first expedition; this will cost 1 Scaryeye.png Tale of Terror!!, 250 Crypticsecret.png Cryptic Clues and 1000 Whispered secret.png Whispered Hints.

The available Expedition areas are:

Your Papers4.png Archaeologist quality cannot be increased beyond 5 since completing the Nadir expedition is the ultimate goal here.

As of September 2018, three non-Fate-locked additional expeditions have been added to the game, taking the total of non-Fate-locked repeatable ones to five. These three provide very certain results, compared to the Deep Shrine expedition. However, for their considerable difficulty, they do not give out much Archaeologist CP.

Archaeologist's and Rivals' Progress[edit]

To complete an Expedition, you'll need to increase your Dig.png Archaeologist's Progress to the required amount which is equal to the minimum number of supplies needed to start the expedition. There is no point to acquiring more than necessary. It is also important to know that you can leave the Forgottenquarter.png The Forgotten Quarter to do other things. Although this seems a bit inconsistent with the concept of rivals it is very useful if you are missing an item needed to hinder your rivals (more on this later).

There are three options for progression that are always available. These are all broad Owl.png Watchful challenges:

Failing the challenge will consume your Supplies at no Progress gain. Each option, success or failure, changes Forgottenquarter2.png The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter quality. This might unlock rare Airs-dependent cards. Follow2.png Rivals' Progress has a possibility of increasing with each action, with the amount of the increase dependent on which approach was taken and whether or not the result was a failure or a success.

Progress (per Action) = Supplies invested (1,2 or 3) x Chance of success (/ Actions spent; always 1) = S x C

Supplies per Progress = S / P = S / (S x C) = 1 / C (how many supplies you need to spend for each progress only depends on your Watchful stat)

Rivals' progress per own Progress = [Rivals' progress per 1 action] / [own Progress / 1 action] = [RP/A] / [P/A] =  RP / (S x C)

own Progress until 10 Rivals' progress = 9 Rivals' Progress / (Rivals' Progress / own Progress) = 9 / (R/P) = 9 / (RP / (S x C))

We can determine how much progress we can make before our rivals get ten on their own. Note that you start with Follow2.png Rivals' Progress 1 into the expedition and that these are numbers that are average results. You might get unlucky and gain rivals' progress on more than half of your actions. Nevertheless, you can approximate how a certain expedition will go rival-wise. You can also tell how many extra supplies you need to bring if you don't want to invest in 100 of them.

Approach Watchful Success Chance Progress/ Action Supplies/ Progress Rivals' Progress/ Own Progress Average Progress to 10 RP
Cautious 42 50% 0.5 2.00 0.75 12
50 60% 0.6 1.67 0.58 15
59 70% 0.7 1.43 0.46 19
67 80% 0.8 1.25 0.38 24
75 90% 0.9 1.11 0.31 29
84 100% 1.0 1.00 0.25 36
Bold 84 50% 1.0 2.00 0.50 18
101 60% 1.2 1.67 0.42 22
118 70% 1.4 1.43 0.36 25
134 80% 1.6 1.25 0.31 29
152 90% 1.8 1.11 0.28 32
167 100% 2.0 1.00 0.25 36
Buccaneering 135 50% 1.5 2.00 0.67 14
162 60% 1.8 1.67 0.50 18
189 70% 2.1 1.43 0.38 24
215 80% 2.4 1.25 0.29 31
242 90% 2.7 1.11 0.22 41
267 100% 3.0 1.00 0.17 54

Other options unlock under certain conditions, mostly if Forgottenquarter2.png The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter are right. The only really interesting one is A sign? which gives you 4 progress without cost or risk of advancing your rivals.

If you run out of supplies you will have to Resupply ending your current attempt and resetting your progress.

The same happens if your Follow2.png Rivals' Progress reaches 10 and you have to Concede. This however might be averted.

Hindering your Rivals[edit]


Either through the length of your expedition or sheer bad luck, your Follow2.png Rivals' Progress will grow. There are two ways to avoid conceding, though. Both require you to pass a skill challenge. One is the Airs-dependent cards that show up every now and then if your rivals' progress is between 3–9. They will reduce your rivals' progress by 2 at the cost of 1 unit of supplies and various items. Note that these are specific to certain characters which needs to be mentioned when you start the expedition.

Should your Follow2.png Rivals' Progress reach 10, you can spend 10 supplies to Confront a Rival. Confronting a named rival will cost 4 actions and end their involvement in the expedition, so you can only do this once per character. Successful countering also drops rivals' progress back to 1, though it doesn't prevent a rival threat to grow up again. If there are no named rivals left, the generic Other Rivals option appears and can be played until you lack the resources to do so.



At the end of certain expeditions you will uncover valuable treasure. Check the expedition conclusions:

Late-game, Minimized Number of Actions for a Deep Shrine Expedition[edit]

The following is a guide for players who had been playing this game for a long, long time - long enough to accumulate the assets which are necessary for following this guide.

Restrictions: Firstly, there are the following restrictions that the player should cleave to in order to minimize the number of actions that will be needed.

  1. No use of Eye.png Sudden Insights: Using these means that the player will have to factor in the actions which were spent to obtain these Second Chances. This not only extends the number of actions, but also complicates the estimations.
  2. Always use A buccaneering approach: This is obviously the fastest of the three non-luck-dependent methods of accumulating progress. Also, the Follow2.png Rivals' Progress hindrance will not be an issue, as the player will outpace the growth of this quality by using this method. Of course, this means that the player needs to have enough Watchful to garner success on the challenge rolls; there will be more on this later.
  3. Obtain supplies through spending Ship.png Favours: The Docks gained through opportunity cards: As mentioned earlier in this page, this method of gaining supplies is the most economical and efficient in the long-run. This will be needed in order to squeeze the most profit out of any outcome for the expedition.

Owl.png Watchful requirements: The player will need to have the assets which are necessary in order to reach the 267-point mark for Watchful, in order to achieve 100% success on A buccaneering approach. After all, no Sudden Insights are to be used, and any setback due to failure can dash away a lot of potential profit.

The assets which any player can accumulate without resorting to holidays, buffs via Notability-spending, Mysterious Benefactor items, Profession items, the Falcon.png Watchful Mood, Fate and Destinies are the following:

With a maxed-out 200 Owl.png Watchful, this accumulates up to 265 Watchful - 2 short of the 267 needed.

The remaining points can be obtained through the following non-Fate ways:

This means that characters who have experienced the holidays, and took up the Owl.png Watchful-related professions, are the only characters who may be able to obtain the necessary 267 points of Watchful without Fate or lockable content.


Using the Watchful Mood: However, the shortage can be covered by making use of Mood-granting cards, specifically to obtain Falcon.png Preternaturally Intent, the +30 Owl.png Watchful Mood. This is also perhaps one way to do the methodology in this guide before having to obtain the aforementioned Watchful assets. However, this adds 1 Action to the total number of Actions, specifically that is spent to get the Mood. Furthermore, the player may need to accumulate enough Actions before starting an expedition or two to make good use of it.

Number of Actions Points Needed: The number of action points is summed together by considering the following stages. Note that conservative assumptions are used, with the main one being no occurrence of good luck.

  • Obtaining Ship.png Favours: The Docks to be converted into supplies: the expedition nominally needs 20 supplies in order to achieve the 20 points of Archaeologist's Progress which is needed to end the expedition successfully. Since hiring dockers gives you 7 supplies we will need slightly below 3 actions here (20 Actions/140 Supplies * 20 Supplies/Expedition = 20/7 Actions/Expedition ≈ 2.86 A/E). There will be the assumption here that each Favour will need to be obtained through opportunity cards which grant just one Favour; therefore, about 9 Action points are needed to obtain the Favours. There are at most 12 Action points for this stage.
  • Starting the expedition: Always remember the costs of the seemingly small tasks - by the way, 1 Action point for this stage. (At least 1 point of progress is always granted by starting the expedition, sometimes more - see the section on luck below.)
  • Accumulating progress: The player will need to perform A buccaneering approach at least 6 times, followed by the cautious one, to clinch the remaining 19 points of progress. Again, Rivals' Progress is not expected to be an issue, if the player can perform every progress-accumulating method successfully. Thus, at least 7 Action points are needed here.
  • Completing the expedition: 1 Action point to end the expedition successfully.
  • Taking the reward: 1 Action point to get whatever Unpredictable Treasures crank out. In the case of the Eyeless Skull being the reward, 1 Action point is needed to convert it to moolah - trust me, keeping it around is not worth the trouble.

Therefore, 22 Action points will be needed at most; 23, if the player used the Watchful Mood.

With this in mind, any rewards with a roll of 60 or above in Unpredictable Treasures will yield close to 2 Echoes per action. Of course, at the reward stage, luck matters more than any planning which the player has done to get to here.

Modifiers due to good luck: As of April 12th., the only known moment when good luck can occur is during the progress-accumulation stage.

  • Good luck in gaining progress: The first way is through scoring the rare success from starting the expedition; this saves 1 Action point. The second is, of course, through scoring A sign?. This grants 4 points of progress, meaning that 4 crates of supplies are saved. This in turn means that the player saves the 2 Action points which are needed to get the Favour for these supplies. Getting this at least once also means that the player saves 1 Action point, since there would be 15 remaining points of progress to reach with 5 applications of A buccaneering approach without having to use any other approach. Moreover, since this leads to savings in supplies which can be hoarded for future expeditions, every one of this makes subsequent expeditions more economical in terms of Action points in the long run.
  • Note that, with some timings, A sign? may not save any actions during the progress-accumulation stage:
    • Regular start -> A buccaneering approach x6 -> A cautious approach = 8 actions for 20 progress, consuming 19 supplies (default)
    • Regular start -> A sign? -> A buccaneering approach x5 = 7 actions for 20 progress, consuming 15 supplies
    • Regular start -> A buccaneering approach x6 -> A sign? = 8 actions for 20 progress, consuming 18 supplies
  • As such, it's optimal to take the necessary non-buccaneering action before the very final action of the expedition. With a regular start, the appearance of A sign? saves an entire action only if the cautious approach action has not yet occurred, so the cautious approach action should occur at exactly 16 progress. One buccaneering action then concludes the expedition from 17 progress, minimizing the chances of A sign? appearing after the cautious action - and whenever it does, only one free progress is wasted.
    • With a rare success start, the action normally spent on a cautious approach must instead be spent on a bold approach to save an action without wasting supplies. This bold approach action should occur exactly at 15 progress, so if A sign? appears afterwards at 17 progress, again only one free progress is wasted. If A sign? appears before the bold approach action, a cautious approach will be necessary instead.