Making a small fortune

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From: A Sporting Sort

Whether you're competing or gambling, London has it all. Perhaps one of your Surface friends is a sporting sort?

Challenge information

A matter of luck: it could go either way.

When Sent

Eyes on the table

The message is away. But now, you've got a card game to get to. A handsome double handful of amber chips rattle in your pocket as you hail a hansom in the fog.

Rare Success

A fortunate evening

The message is away. And here you are, rolling home from an exceptional sucess at the card table! You won't often be this lucky, but the amber swelling your pockets is quite spoiling the line of your garments.

Your friend will receive:

Cardfansmall.png [Friend] considers you a sporting sort and thinks you'd enjoy the sports of Fallen London. Weasel fights! The quaint Shroom-hopping of the lower classes! Heart's Hazard! Your fortune awaits.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has joined you in Fallen London! What a run of luck!

Your friend will receive:


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Eyes on the table

Your Surface friend will have to wait, you've got a card game to get to. A handful of amber chips rattles in your pocket as you hail a hansom in the fog.

Twitter/facebook message is: [Friend] thinks you'd appreciate the sporting opportunities of Fallen London. Weasel fights! Shroom-hopping!

In messages, the invitation is referred to as "Becoming A Sporting Sort".