Making your Name: Duelling the Black Ribbon

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You have agreed to duel with the members of the Black Ribbon Society. You will need to prepare for such titanic engagements.

Description summary:
With A Name Scrawled in Blood 6 the name of the storylet changes to Duelling the Black Ribbon and another paragraph appears.

Have you advanced the story?2nd paragraph
YesFrom a comfortable chair in the backroom of the Blind Helmsman, Father Norton keeps the books and makes the necessary arrangements for the bouts.

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Game Instructions: Increase your Running Battle... to 5 to challenge an opponent. Win duels to increase your Fearsome Duellist quality and unlock new foes!

Unlocked with A Name Scrawled in Blood 5, Duelling with the Black Ribbon 2

Storylet appears in The Blind Helmsman



Find out more about the Black Ribbon duellists


Sparring with ring fighters


Issue a challenge to a duel