Masterful Short Story

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Category: Book
Icon-echo.png- Mushroom.png Fungal Dangers and Poisons
Icon-echo.png27.50 Bookbrown.png Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals
Icon-echo.png27.50 Bookpurple.png O'Boyle's Practical Primer
Icon-echo.png- Libervisionis.png Page from the Liber Visionis
Icon-echo.png- Bookred.png A Book of Crimson Prayer
Icon-echo.png- Toad.png A Complete Account of Frogs...
Icon-echo.png6.00 Bookdead.png Book of Hidden Bodies
Icon-echo.png130.00 Storycelebrated.png Celebrated Short Story
Icon-echo.png180.00 Storyclassic.png Classic Short Story
Icon-echo.png10.00 Storycompetent.png Competent Short Story
Icon-echo.png30.00 Storycompelling.png Compelling Short Story
Icon-echo.png- Writer.png Compilation of Case-Notes
Icon-echo.png- Albatross.png Comprehensive Study of
Avian Anatomies
Icon-echo.png- Spidermillie.png Survey of Arachnids and Insects
Native to the Neath and Unterzee
Icon-echo.png- Bookblue.png Copy of your Allegorical Satire
Icon-echo.png- Bookblack.png Copy of your Bazaarine Tale
Icon-echo.png- Bookbrown.png Copy of your Epic Poetic Cycle
Icon-echo.png- Book.png Copy of your Gothic Romance
Icon-echo.png- Bookblack.png Copy of your Nocturnal Rhapsody
Icon-echo.png- Bookred.png Copy of your Ode to the Elder
Icon-echo.png- Bookblue.png Copy of your Patriotic Adventure
Icon-echo.png- Bookbrown.png Copy of your Tale for the People
Icon-echo.png- Book.png Copy of your Tale of Espionage
Icon-echo.png- Bookbrown.png Copy of your Tale of the Future
Icon-echo.png- Book.png Copy of your Tragedy of Romance
Icon-echo.png- Bookblue.png Copy of your Zeefaring Epic
Icon-echo.png- Pen iron.png Corrective Historical Narrative
Icon-echo.png60.00 Storyexceptional.png Exceptional Short Story
Icon-echo.png70.00 Storyextraordinary.png Extraordinary Short Story
Icon-echo.png- Fungalpoetry.png Illicit Volume of Unexpectedly
Racy Fungal-Themed Poetry
Icon-echo.png80.00 Storymasterful.png Masterful Short Story
Icon-echo.png- Papers.png Notes on the Case of the
Speculative Arachnid
Icon-echo.png- Paperstack.png Cryptopalaeontological Notes
Icon-echo.png- Papers2.png Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes
Icon-echo.png- Papers3.png Theosophistical Notes
Icon-echo.png- Pen.png Revisionist Historical Narrative
Icon-echo.png2.00 Story.png Short Story
Icon-echo.png- Fungalpoetry.png Slim Volume of Bazaarine Poetry
Icon-echo.png- Booktears.png Tear-Drowned Collection of
Incomprehensible Love-Poems
Icon-echo.png50.00 Storythrilling.png Thrilling Short Story
Icon-echo.png1.00 Storyunloved.png Unloved Short Story
Icon-echo.png- Bookred.png Volume of Cryptopalaeontological
Icon-echo.png- Book.png Volume of Prelapsarian
Archaeological Work
Icon-echo.png- Bookpurple.png Volume of Theosophistical Work
Icon-echo.png0.50 Bookred.png Unusual Love Story

They say: A storyteller of note and substance! Create Short Stories by using the Literary Ambitions storylet in Veilgarden.

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It can be sold to the Bazaar, but cannot be bought.
Selling Icon-echo.png 80 (no message)

This item has no recorded uses.