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This section of the moneymaking page is meant to show the best grinds to characters who are in the end-game.

Requirements to list a grind or weekly activity:

  • 4.0+ EPA
  • Fate-locked grinds should be marked as such.
  • Requirements above 300 in main attributes and above 10 in advanced skills should be mentioned.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but should list the best grinds and weekly activities that are relevant in the end-game. See the Sources page for an exhaustive list of all grinds.

Optimal EPA Strategy[edit]

This section of the guide describes strategies that are primarily relevant to an overall maximum-EPA play strategy. As such, the information given in this section assumes certain behaviour, particularly making weekly trips between London and the Upper River (London for A Professional Reward, the Upper River to Accept a gift from Balmoral's Castellan). EPA calculations in this section do not separately count the action cost of making this trip, and therefore these calculations may not be applicable outside this overall strategy.

Note for editors: For clarity, when indicating EPA for actions elsewhere in this guide, please note if the EPA calculation assumes optimisation strategies such as Tinned Ham or the Rat Market.

Hinterland Scrip/Tinned Ham Arbitrage[edit]

This conversion should be done in bulk once per week, when moving between London and the Upper River to collect Professional Rewards and gifts from the Castellan.

Tinned Ham can be purchased for 125 Hinterland Scrip (the equivalent of E 62.50) at the Upper River Exchange, and then sold in London at the Bazaar for E 63.50. As part of an optimal EPA strategy, items obtained from any grind should be sold for Scrip if possible, and the resulting Scrip used to purchase Ham to be sold back in London for a profit. This slightly raises the EPA for many grinds, as it results in a conversion factor of E 0.508 per Scrip instead of the usual E 0.5.

The exception is that Preserved Surface Blooms do not need to be sold for Scrip, as they already have a favorable conversion factor of E 0.83 per Scrip.

Rat Market[edit]

Main article: The Rat Market (Guide)

Moneymaking - endgame.png

By the nature of the Rat Market, any grind requires either operating only during the corresponding Rat Season or stockpiling items to cash out all at once when the corresponding season starts. The table below shows when grind products are sellable, and adjusted EPA based on cashing out Rat-Shillings for Rostygold or T2 items to sell at the Bazaar.

Selling 5 items at once: Tier 5 items should only be sold in bulk if your grind is higher than 3.75 EPA, since you’re saving 4 actions at the cost of losing E 15 profit.

Fabulous Diamonds: When Moon Phase is Soft and Wind Direction is North, Fabulous Diamond are available at the Rat Market. Assuming you have progressed the Railway to The Hurlers and have Hurlers Commercial Development 2, you can increase the EPA of any Rat Market grind that week by cashing out in Fabulous Diamonds and trading them (all at once, to minimise travel actions) in the Hurlers. Each trade by itself is 10 EPA: E 5 from Hinterland Scrip to Tinned Ham conversion, and E 5 from 2 x Stolen Kisses.

The Rat-Season:
Storm-Threnody Ratty Reliquary
  • Night-Whisper
  • Khaganian Intrigue (5.13)
  • Favour-based Tribute (7.08)
Captivating Ballad
Scrap of Ivory Organza

Upper River Grinds[edit]

Moulin Expeditions (and monographs)[edit]

  • Expected EPA: 3.97 to 4.71


Take the Bandaged Navigator and Renegade Claw with you, equipping a Kataleptic Toxicology item, up to 3 Shapeling Arts items and as much Persuasive-reducing stuff as possible if you have a Transfixing Squirrel. If you don't have a Transfixing Squirrel, instead equip up to 3 Shapeling Arts items and as much Shadowy stuff as you can. While on the expedition, play any A Lesser Find cards you get, use obstacle cards to get out to Distance 8 before digging and heading back, making up any shortfall in supplies with Convince your team to keep going. For a list of which obstacle cards to play, and the order of preference for them (as well as a more detailed explanation of the grind more generally) see Moulin Expeditions (Guide).

This gives an EPA of between 4.18 and 4.43 depending on what equipment you have. If combined with writing Exceptional Monographs, which for 9 actions and 75 echoes worth of expedition materials give 119.5 echoes worth of various resources, EPA rises. If you can 100% relevant challenges (require Mithridacy 10/12, Glasswork 10 or Artisan of the Red Science 10 depending on challenge), it gives an EPA of between 4.59 and 4.70. For a more detailed explanation of writing Monographs more generally see Writing a Monograph (Guide).

Larcenies with Parabolan Casing[edit]

  • Expected EPA: 4.10


  • Access to Balmoral
  • Shadowy 300
  • A Marauder of the Clay Highwayman
  • One of
    • Glasswork 12
    • Kataleptic Toxicology 12 and Acicular Squirrel (WHITSUN)

The cycle

  1. In your Parabolan Base-Camp, repeat the following sequence 9 times:
    1. Find the weakness in an opponent's defences
    2. Apply your own knowledge (Glasswork) or Allow your Acicular Squirrel to lead you (Kataleptic Toxicology)
    3. Sneak forward
    4. Case the place

Each subcycle yields 28 CP Casing..., so repeating 9 times is 252 CP Casing... for 36 actions.

  1. Enter A hidden camp nestled in the woods of Balmoral.
  2. Do seven second-tier larcenies.

Total payout depends on how often can you draw Larceny at Balmoral. Without Burrow, this happens 1/2 of the time: the average payout is 25.2 E per larceny, or 176.4 E for 43 actions, a total of 4.10 EPA.

With Burrow, this happens 1/3 of the time: the average payout is 25.13E per larceny, or 175.93 E for 43 actions, a total of 4.09 EPA.

Options at Zee[edit]

Khaganian Intrigue[edit]

  • Expected EPA: 4.1 (5.10 with Rat Market)
  • Requires access to Khan's Heart

By setting up a Cover Identity and zailing across the zee, you can play a number of Intrigues at Khan's Heart - however, you need to ensure that your Cover Identity and your chosen outfit permits you to 100% the challenges to increase you Intrigue in all hours in the Khanate day cycle. See the guide for details on such outfits. The main intrigues for earning money are:

All of these intrigues cost Intercepted Cablegrams, and there are two ways to get those:

Possible combinations include:

With Strength of your Khaganian Network 20, An opportunity: (Opportunity) becomes available, which takes 1 x Emetic Revelation (12.5 E ) and can yield 62.5 E worth of items for 12 actions for ideally 4.17 EPA. The upside of this method is that the sequence of Opportunities is deterministic and good cycles exist which only give you sellable items. The downside is that you need Emetic Revelations to do this. If you grind them by using options which yield Khanite currency, convert that into light bulbs and sell these in London, one Revelation will take about 3.66 actions. This will lower the efficiency of that grind to just about 4 EPA.

Favour-based Tribute[edit]


Expected EPA: 5.54 (6.48 with Rat market)

  • Using opportunity cards, gain Favours with either the Docks, Bohemians, the Church, Society, or Criminals.
  • Every time you have 7 favours of the same faction, exchange them for 23 Tribute. Assuming 1 action/card per Favour, you get 241-263 Tribute in 88 actions, depending on leftovers from previous trips.
  • Zail to the Court in 6 actions.
  • Turn 260 Tribute into 812.5/875 E worth of items in 52/56 actions, depending on whether the tribute 260 or more.
  • Return in 8/7 actions.

The 260 Tribute case occurs in 4/20 or 1/5 cases, so on average 147.8/148.8 actions for 825 E - 5.54/5.58 EPA. Options which give more than 1 Favour per action and/or give additional profit (e.g. A Visit, More Larks with the Young Stags, The Calendrical Confusion of 1899, fate-locked Restoring souls from A Trade in Souls, The Tower of Eyes if you have Augmented Electrostatic Machine, professional payments, etc.) will increase the EPA further, while options that consume items and/or give menaces (faction cards, for example) will lower the EPA.

The Maze-Garden[edit]

Expected EPA: 4.36-5.08 See The Maze-Garden (Guide) for full information on the carousel.

Options in Parabola[edit]

Forcing Stalemates[edit]

Expected EPA: 4.27 for midnighters and 4.05 for others

Gathering cycle:

9 actions for a Vienna Opening (5 Hinterland Scrip), mate (50 Hinterland Scrip) and 138 Well-Placed Pawns. Per 60 cycles you spend 540 actions for 3300 Hinterland Scrip and 8280 Well-Placed Pawns.

Spending cycle:

9 actions and 360 Well-Placed Pawns for a Vienna Opening (5 Hinterland Scrip) and a Stalemate (125 Hinterland Scrip). Per 23 cycles you spend 207 actions and 8280 Well-Placed Pawns for 2990 scrip.

With 60 gathering and 23 spending cycles you have no leftover pawns, spending 747 actions for 6290 Scrip/3195.32 echoes - 4.277 EPA.

If you are NOT a Midnighter, the value is lessened somewhat at A Player of Chess 13: you lose the Vienna Opening and gain 10 (for a total of 148) Well-Placed Pawns. At 90 cycles (810 actions), get 4500 Hinterland Scrip (in Queen and Epaulette mates) and 13320 Well-Placed Pawns. Spending cycles (37 of them) are 333 actions and 37 Stalemates worth 4625 scrip. 1143 actions for 9125 Scrip/4635.5 echoes yields 4.055 EPA (7.983 SPA). This decreases with less aPoC; 12 aPoC gives 4.026 EPA (7.925 SPA). [NOTE: If you find the loss (or gain) of Advancing the Liberation of Night distasteful, you can use the Endgame 'Betray' action to switch to the opposite side. You can stay on those pieces as long as you want--the AtLoN check won't apply.]

Options tied to the Rat Market[edit]

Publishing Newspapers (Rat Market)[edit]

Expected EPA: 4.21

You can grind Uncanny Incunabula to sell during The Rat-Season: Skitter-Scatter, Dimmest-Dark or Freeze-and-Fall. Since the exact calculations are relatively complicated, they require a spreadsheet - below is a brief summary:

  • Out of 104 copy editions, The finest kind of madness is the most efficient since all gained items can be upconverted into Incunabula - however, it requires you to have built a station at Jericho Locks. Per two newspapers you spend 37 actions to get 236 x Journal of Infamy and 8 x Extraordinary Implication. Accounting for spending Connected: Benthic (assumed to be gained through through buying Flasks of Abominable Salts and directing grants) and additional items (in particular, Storm-Threnodies are assumed to be sold on Rat Market as well) on successes and rare successes (assumed 10% chance with Journals and 5% chance with Implications, for the 54/6/40 and 57/3/40 success/rare success/failure spreads respectively), upconversion of those items and selling them in bulk in addition to newspapers themselves can be abstracted as 48.959 actions for 203.804 E - 4.162 EPA.
  • With slight editions, you spend 38.73 actions for 296 x Journal of Infamy and 4 x Sulky Bat (0.8 E ). Accounting for additional factors as described above, upconversion and selling in bulk in addition to newspapers themselves 52.606 actions for 221.414 E - 4.208 EPA.

Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out Unveiled activities (Rat Market)[edit]

Expected EPA: Up to 4.39

Each of the five activities has at least one reward that can be sold or converted into a sellable item.

Khaganian Intrigue (Rat Market)[edit]

  • Expected EPA: Up to 5.135

Many intrigues and other activities have rewards that can be sold or converted into a sellable item. You can:

The Court of the Wakeful Eye (Rat Market)[edit]

  • Expected EPA: Up to 6.48

You can grind Night-Whispers to sell during The Rat-Season: Dimmest-Dark, Freeze-and-Fall, Lying-Longing:

Combination Tribute Grinds[edit]

The above three methods all have disadvantages: Favours has the highest EPA but relies on card draws which limits realtime output, Orphans requires a large amount of starting cash, Mountain Sherds is fully grindable but has lower EPA, and both orphans and sherds have some inefficiency due to not getting 13 items on every trip. However, they can be combined in various ways to maintain full efficiency for each voyage while reducing some of the disadvantages of each individual tribute source, and to provide flexibility.


The below table assumes that all tribute is turned in for Night-Whispers, which are then sold to the Rat Market during the weekends that it buys them. Actions are listed for twenty tribute cycle/trips, including zailing with a zub or yacht (14 actions); for the zee-clipper, subtract 1 action per trip, and for the tramp steamer, add 2. Favours are assumed to require 1 action each, and have no other cost; in reality, occasionally drawing A Visit will slightly reduce total actions for favours, but this will be balanced by the minor item/menace costs for many of them. Below table is for 20 cycles, with leftover tribute applied each cycle. If Favours are applied to top out at 260, 261, 262, 263--with the over-cap 1,2,3 tribute being discarded prior to the zail--the EpA increases somewhat.

Favours (initial) Sherds (/cycle) Orphans (/cycle) Initial cash (/cycle) Total actions EPA EPA (overcap)
77 0 0 0 E 3069 6.45 6.47
35 0 4 259.20 E 3358 6.02 6.05
56 1 1 64.80 E 3100 6.27 6.27
42 2 2 129.60 E 2908 6.01 6.04
14 1 5 324.00 E 3293 5.83 5.83
0 0 8 518.40 E 3605 5.78 5.78
42 4 0 0 E 2510 5.99 6.08
21 3 3 194.40 E 2838 5.76 5.80
0 2 6 388.80 E 3420 5.70 5.70
0 4 4 259.20 E 2760 5.51 5.60
7 6 2 129.60 E 2178 5.25 5.40
0 10 0 0 E 1730 4.79 4.79

Parabolan War (Rat Market)[edit]

  • Expected EPA: 4.49

You can grind Parabolan Parables to sell during The Rat-Season: Kifer-Caitiff, Skitter-Scatter or Dimmest-Dark. The strategy is largely the same, except that since Yourself campaign doesn’t give Parables, the next best thing is The Cats (for Parable you need to Encourage the Prince to reject the King's offer) - this campaign only adds two extra actions. Adding third to Sell a Parabolan Parable for 4000 Rat-Shillings makes the total 89 actions for 400 E - 4.494 EPA.

Heists of the Wellspring (Rat Market)[edit]

  • Expected EPA: 4.92



By running expeditions to The Wellspring of Moulin with the Bandaged Navigator and the Miniature Major-General, you can gain 4 x Flask of Waswood Wellspring Water in exchange for (on average) 21.96 actions 100 x Piece of Rostygold and 10 . These flasks can be converted to Hiding Place of a Peculiar Item via Search Parabola for a Place in the Neath, for an average of ~5.09 actions each with 280 Shadowy, 12 Glasswork. Gaining Casing... from Search Parabola for a Place in the Neath (average 4.07 actions, plus 1 and 100 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey to enter Parabola) and then doing heists of The shaded estate on Hemlock Row (average 10.11 actions with 11 Glasswork and 10.04 with 12, ~0.001% chance of a heist ending in failurea and thus ~0.0005% chance of a heist resulting in jail time without a quick switch to an outfit with -2 Suspicion, or some social actions followed by a -1 Suspicion outfit) gives 1 x Captivating Ballad and 16 x Touching Love Story. Selling the Captivating Ballad at the Rat Market gives a total profit of 511.58E per expedition[1], for an EPA of 4.92E with 10 Glasswork in the heist outfit and marginally higher EPAs with higher Glasswork.

  1. Taking into account the A Lesser Find and Altered, Somehow profits from the expedition

The New Mammoth Ranching / A New Pope[edit]

A multi-faceted grind with highest efficiency (overall EPA above 6.0) and steep requirements: A New Pope Guide

Weekly Actions[edit]

A Professional Reward[edit]

With a tier one profession, over 8.125EPA. With a tier three profession, 15EPA.

Every four weeks, you can assemble four Professional Perks to get one Trade Secret, which yields E 125 for 11 actions, for a total of 11.36EPA.

The Rewards of Ambition (easy)[edit]

This gives E 62.5 every four weeks after you have finished your ambition.

Accept a gift from Balmoral's Castellan (easy)[edit]

  • E 63.5 at 18 EPA


All Castellans give you a gift worth E 63.5 after Tinned Ham Arbitrage. If you fail the checks for the 2 actions traveling to/from Balmoral, 15.875 EPA. Succeeding those is worth E 5, raising EPA to 18 EPA.

Receive the latest 'reports' from your 'agent' (easy)[edit]

  • E 107.5 over 28 actions at 3.83 EPA

Somewhat low yield compared to other weekly actions. Note that challenges in the Snares and the Salt Steppes can have very high requirements.


The Cycle

  1. Gain 510 x Fistful of Surface Currency or 30 x Assortment of Khaganian Coinage (worth ~15E)
  2. Travel to the Khanate from London via Trace a route through the Snares (at least 9 actions, approx. 10)
  3. Pay for cargo in Surface money or Pay for cargo in Khaganian money (3 actions)
  4. Enter Khan's Heart
  5. Receive the latest 'reports' from your 'agent'
  6. Return to London via Trace a route through the Snares (at least 9 actions, approx. 10)
  7. Deliver the crate to the Widow 3 times

This results in E 107.5 for 28 actions, for a total of 3.83 EPA plus whatever you happen to pick up at zee. This assumes you're able to get either Surface Currency or Khaganian Coinage at sell value. This can be done by selling the occasional skeleton to The Trifling Diplomat while passing by.

Board Meeting Dividends (moderate)[edit]

  • Up to E 156.08 for 19 actions, for a total of 8.21 EPA
  • Several requirements for maximum efficiency

If you have a Pro-Labour Railway Charter, you can use Furnace or Cornelius in lieu of The Vicountess's Persuasive 200 check. However, this will lower the final payout by E 10 and lower EPA by 0.52.


The cycle

  1. Boomerang the Tentacled Entrepreneur
    1. Invite the Tentacled Entrepreneur to the Board
    2. Vote the Tentacled Entrepreneur off the Board
    3. 5 actions to convince your board members and declare victory
  2. Voting for dividends 2 times
    1. Vote a dividend to the shareholders
    2. 5 actions to convince your board members and declare victory

In the absolute worst case scenario (Ealing, no Luxuries, Pro-Labour Charter), this yields E 100.08 for 19 actions (after Tinned Ham Arbitrage), a total of 5.26 EPA. Note that using Help from the Board Secretary will allow you to repeat this but lowers efficiency slightly to 5.13 EPA. With the Recommended qualities, this yields E 156.08 for 19 actions, for a total of 8.21 EPA.

Board Meeting Charity (complex)[edit]


Additionally at the start of the Board Meeting have:


The cycle

  1. Propose special consideration to certain charitable groups
  2. Propose paying a dividend to the poor of the Hinterlands
  3. Propose special consideration to certain charitable groups
  4. Propose paying a dividend to the poor of the Hinterlands
  5. Propose special consideration to certain charitable groups
  6. Vote the Gracious Widow off the board
  7. Close the meeting
  8. Gain another 10CP Banditry to raise it to 8 (e.g. 5 x Feed information to the gang, net gain 17.5E ).
  9. When Rising Reports of Banditry autofires, select Ticket sales are going down.
  10. Invite the Widow to the board.

In total, you have six items on the board agenda, each of which should take six actions. Combined with the rest of the actions this should take in total 42.66 actions.

Your net gain will be 196.66 Echos, on average for 4.6EPA.

Board Meeting Assistance to Parabolan War (moderate-complex)[edit]

  • Up to 380 E at up to 9.51 EPA over 5 Board Meetings

If you're engaged in a Parabolan War campaign, you can use your weekly board meeting to fully advance one stage in the war. It also causes 8 x Ravages of Parabolan Warfare, but the weekly Time, the Healer is enough to remove those.

The following is slow: advancing one stage of the war per week, for a cash-out only after 5 weeks. So you'll only spend on average 8 actions per week, but those few actions end up being very profitable.


The cycle

Assume we start already at the end of one of the stages of the Cats campaign (i.e. Advance! is already 24), with no Ravages:

  1. Move into Parabola. Costs 100 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey (only 50 for Silverers)
  2. Progress your campaign to the next stage.
    1. If you've just completed stage 4 (Along the Smoking Shore), ensure to Encourage the Prince to reject the King's offer.
    2. If you've just completed stage 5, collect your reward and start a new Cats campaign (no general).
  3. Return to London (0 actions)
  4. Assemble a board meeting:
    1. Propose you deploy your train in the Parabolan War on behalf of Cats
    2. The Viscountess automatically agrees.
    3. 4 extra actions to convince the other board members and declare victory.
  5. Wait for Time, The Healer to remove Ravages of the war.

This involves 5 board meetings (costing just 5 actions each), 5 entries into Parabola (costing 500 x Drops of Honey, which can be bought from the Bazaar for 20 Echoes), and 10 extra actions in Parabola to start a campaign, progress between the stages, and to collect the reward. The reward is a Parabolan Parable, worth 312.5 Echoes. So we have (312.5 - 20) Echoes / 40 Actions = 7.3125 EPA (or 7.5625 for Silverers).

The Rat Market

If you wait for The Rat-Season: Kifer-Caitiff, Skitter-Scatter or Dimmest-Dark, you can Sell a Parabolan Parable for 4000 Rat-Shillings (at the cost of an additional action). This means: (400 - 20 ) Echoes / 41 Actions = 9.268 EPA (or 9.512 for Silverers).

The Waters of the Wellspring (complex)[edit]

Somewhere between 4.55 and 4.8EPA, but only for Crooked-Crosses.



The basic cycle

  1. Travel to Moulin
  2. Recruit a Miniature Major-General
  3. Recruit a Bandaged Navigator
  4. Set off
  5. Move away from Moulin and deeper into the Waste (5 actions)
  6. The Wellspring, at Last
  7. Bathe in the waters
  8. Collect some Wellspring water
  9. Cross the Threshold
  10. Look for the fingerking

You should always be able to make it to the Wellspring without incurring menaces. The basic cycle yields E 48.20 and 1 x Memory of a Much Lesser Self for 19 actions, for a floor of 2.53EPA. This is much lower yield than other weekly actions, but playing A Lesser Find and Something Nacreous will raise EPA to something around 2.8EPA.

If you keep track of when Viric Fades is going to trigger (by e.g. adding Bathe in the waters to your list of plans and adding a note stating the last time you did it), then you can arrive at the Wellspring shortly before Viric Fades, Collect some Wellspring water, and wait for Viric Fades so you can Bathe in the waters as normal. This allows you to gain an extra four flasks of Wellspring water, gaining E 50 at the cost of 5 additional actions, raising the basic cycle to 4.09EPA.


  1. Instead of Bathe in the waters, Dip your Cross in the Waters


This cycle yields after THA E 95.63 for 21 actions, for a floor of 4.55EPA. Again, the true EPA will be slightly higher at around 4.8EPA.

The Heists of the Wellspring (complex)[edit]

About 6.0 EPA, more for some professions.



There are two basic components to this grind: Getting Flasks of Waswood Wellspring Water and turning them into Hiding Places of Peculiar Items, then stealing those items.

Step one: The Expedition

The basic cycle for a Wellspring expedition is as follows:

  1. Travel to Moulin
  2. Recruit a Miniature Major-General
  3. Recruit a Bandaged Navigator
  4. Set off
  5. Move away from Moulin and deeper into the Waste (5 actions)
  6. The Wellspring, at Last
  7. Bathe in the waters
  8. Collect some Wellspring water
  9. Cross the Threshold
  10. Look for the fingerking

Once there, mark the time you made the 'Bathe in the Waters' action. On the following week, arrive just before this time elapses and collect 4 Flasks of Waswood Wellspring Water. Then when Viric Fades triggers, you'll be able to collect 4 more flasks in a single visit.

As soon as you are in Parabola, turn all you flasks into Hiding Places of Peculiar Items via Search Parabola for a Place in the Neath, and perform Find the weakness in an opponent's defences once.

When you leave Parabola, you will be afflicted with That Which Was Taken. Choose the nightmares option and lower it with Hide in your Base-Camp, or choose either wounds or nightmares and lower the menace with social actions.

Step two: The Heist

The goal is to begin the heist with 2 pieces of Inside Information using as few actions as possible. To do that you need Casing... and the best ways to get that are:

Including transportation costs, Purchase some assistance with casing... is the superior choice, even for Silverers. Ignoring them, Find the weakness in an opponent's defences is slightly better. So get your Casing... from Parabola if you're there already or don't have access to the Big Rat, get it from the Big Rat otherwise.

Once you have your Casing... go ahead and start the heist from The shaded estate on Hemlock Row, buy 2 pieces of inside information, and put on your outfit that gives both a Monstrous Anatomy and a Glasswork of 12. Note that passing the Monstrous Anatomy check is more important, so if getting it up to 12 requires replacing some Glasswork items you should still do it.

Once you reach A Prize Achieved, select the Captivating Ballad and sell it at the Rat Market. Repeat the above until you are out of Hiding Places.

Professional Improvements

Monster-Hunters will find it easier to obtain the required outfit.

Silverers will find it easier to obtain the desired outfit and take less damage from The Mirror's Hunger. This raises EPA to about 6.1. They also pay less to enter Parabola, useful for characters without access to the Big Rat.

Crooked-Crosses may Dip their Cross in the Waters for additional resources. With Jericho Library 2 and a Submerged Rector this brings EPA to about 6.3.


Using Purchase some assistance with casing... only twice and purchasing no Inside Information will net about 7 EPA. While this looks tempting, performing the most difficult heist 8 times a week with no Inside Information will certainly land you in prison eventually. But perhaps you really are the best thief in the Neath.

Using up Bone Market Exhaustion (easy - complex)[edit]

  • Roughly 200 E per week at various speeds.

See Assembling a Skeleton (Guide), and especially Assembling a Skeleton (Guide)/Recipes#Exhausting Recipes. Your Bone Market Exhaustion drops by four every week, which corresponds to 200E worth of bonus items.

Playing the bone market is rather intricate. Also note that exhaustion can lock you out of profitable non-exhausting use of the bone market for weeks (or years).

Using up Exhaustion is hard in the mid-game, but still profitable. Exhaustion in itself is around 200 E per week. If you have A Custom-Engraved Skull from FEAST OF THE ROSE, you should use those most weeks, leading to a net gain of 160 E for 2 skulls. The exception to the rule is when the Phantasist is around - then you'll be able to spend all your exhaustion through other means.

The Nadir (complex)[edit]

Highly random, but in the long-term, 5.7EPA.


The Nadir can be entered once a week without spending Fate. Players are forcibly ejected from the cave when reaching 10 x Irrigo whereupon it is not possible to return until the next visit from Time, the Healer (unless they wish to pay 50 Fate). Optimal play yields approximately 5.7EPA — see Cave of the Nadir (Guide)#Analysis for details