Opening a Confession

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This content is only available during Hallowmas!

For holiday history, see Hallowmas (historical).

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What is concealed within the careful packaging?

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Unlocked with


  1. A Confession of Curiosity!
  2. A Confession of Guile!
  3. A Confession of Impropriety!
  4. A Confession of Pride!
  5. A Confession of Violence!
  6. A Confession of Whimsy!

Deprecated 2017 Values[edit]

  1. The Bishop of St Fiacre's' Confession
  2. The Veteran Privy Councillor's Confession
  3. The Ambitious Barrister's Confession
  4. The Cheery Man's Confession
  5. The Melancholy Curate's Confession
  6. The Jovial Contrarian's Confession
  7. His Amused Lordship's Confession

Deprecated 2016 Values[edit]

  1. Sinning Jenny's Confession
  2. The Kashmiri Princess' Confession
  3. The Soft-Hearted Widow's Confession
  4. The Illuminated Gentleman's Confession
  5. Lettice's Confession
  6. Feducci's Confession
  7. The Captivating Princess' Confession