Operations at midnight

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From: Read the Diary of the Dead

"Care to make an investment?" your Unscrupulous Raven Advisor offers. "I'll need that Diary of the Dead. Two Bazaar Permits. A bribe of quality. And something with a bit of spice. You won't be sorry." He won't say anything more.

Unlocked with 1 x Unscrupulous Raven Advisor, 1 x Diary of the Dead, 2 x Bazaar Permit, 1 x Comprehensive Bribe, 1 x Blackmail Material


Into the night

The Raven neatly bundles the papers together with a black ribbon, and readies himself for flight. "Back tomorrow," he says. "If all goes well. […] Eh, you don't know where I've gone, do you? ... that's for the best. Trust me."[…]

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