Put up a statue honouring Virginia, former Mayor and current Board Member

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From: Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Ealing Gardens Branch

She might enjoy overseeing this stop on the track to Hell.

Game Instructions: You can have only one statue at a time. This one will create opportunities to call in favours from Hell. The more things you build in this neighbourhood, the more additional buildings will cost, as land becomes less available.

Unlocked with (50 × ( Ealing Gardens Development + 1)) x Hinterland Scrip, Board Member: Virginia

Locked with Ealing Gardens Commemorative Development


The help of the Union

The Union workers[…] build the base of the statue and supply the plaque.

The actual art is a separate commission, requiring the help of an enthusiastic Bohemian Sculptress. She has done plenty of irreverent work for 'Church-adjacent' clients […]

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Under the Statue: Call in favours from Hell