Put up a statue in honour of the Captivating Princess

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From: Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Balmoral Branch

Can the Sculptress capture even a fraction of her radiance?

Game Instructions: Unlike statues at other stations, a statue at Balmoral will provide no opportunities in itself.

Unlocked with (50 × ( Balmoral Development + 1)) x Hinterland Scrip, Acquaintance: the Captivating Princess

Locked with Balmoral Commemorative Development



When you tell the Bohemian Sculptress the subject […] she turns the vivid colour of a vicar who's suddenly woken up at the Parlour of Virtue […]

[…] A block of marble […] is carved into a shape that approximates, a little, what the Princess is like to look at. […]

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