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FBG has recently added measure words to many item names (notably boots, gloves, wines, rubbery, a few clothes, some more Icon-echo.png 0.01–0.03 Bazaar items, "gossip", collated research) and de-pluralized others (e.g. Dark-dewed Cherries, Favours in High Places and, awkwardly so, Devilbone Dice) to their singular name.

This, undoubtedly, will take some time to present cleanly on the wiki and editors have already started (see table below). Most of it can be automated by using the wiki bot, but:

For the time being (a few days up to ~a week), I suggest we abstain from hastily renaming all new exciting items that are found. The new names, as I understand, aren't set in stone yet and it would be a shame to waste efforts like that by having to move around one item several times.

When the new names are a bit closer to being considered final, we'll pick it up from there. Meanwhile, this table lists item renames that have been detected so far:

Renamed items, handled on the wiki
Old New
Surface Currency
Coin of Surface Currency
Currency3 silver.png Fistful of Surface Currency
Glim Shard.png Shard of Glim
Gloam-Foam Gloamfoam.png Tub of Gloam-Foam
Irrigo Goggles Gogglespurple.png Pair of Irrigo Goggles
Neathglass Goggles Goggles.png Pair of Neathglass Goggles
Luminous Neathglass Goggles Gogglesgreenglowsmall.png Pair of Luminous Neathglass Goggles
Fourth City Rags Ragged.png Bundle of Fourth City Rags
Ragged Clothing Ragged.png Bundle of Ragged Clothing
Black Felt Garments Suitshadowy.png Outfit of Black Felt Garments
Workman's Clothes Workclothessmall.png Set of Workman's Clothes
Deep Amber Amber.png Nodule of Deep Amber
Greyfields 1879 Bottleandglass.png Bottle of Greyfields 1879
Greyfields 1882 Bottleandglassred.png Bottle of Greyfields 1882
Rostygold Red gold.png Piece of Rostygold (two weird Uses, dead cat?)
Warm Amber Amber red.png Nodule of Warm Amber
Trembling Amber Amber blue.png Nodule of Trembling Amber
Pulsating Amber Amber red.png Nodule of Pulsating Amber
Fecund Amber Amber green.png Nodule of Fecund Amber
Violet Amber Amberpurple.png Nodule of Violet Amber
Whispered Secret Whispered secret.png Whispered Hint
Intriguing Gossip
Scrap of Intriguing Gossip
Gossip.png Intriguing Snippet
Collated Research
Page of Collated Research
Library.png Volume of Collated Research
A Journal of Infamy Bookpurple.png Journal of Infamy
Abominable Salts Vialgreen.png Flask of Abominable Salts
Professional Perks Couple.png Professional Perk
Morelways 1872 Bottlemorelways.png Bottle of Morelways 1872
Strangling Willow Absinthe Bottlewillow.png Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
Broken Giant 1844 Bottlegiant.png Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
Greyfields 1868 First Sporing Bottlegreen.png Bottle of Greyfields 1868 First Sporing
Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise Bottlehorse.png Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise
Masters' Blood Bottlecrystal.png Vial of Masters' Blood
Black Wings Absinthe Bottleblack.png Bottle of Black Wings Absinthe
Lamplighter Beeswax Lamplighter beeswax.png Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax
Favours in High Places Baldman.png Favour in High Places
Dark-dewed Cherries Cherries.png Dark-Dewed Cherry
Myrrh-Scented Roses Roseblack.png Myrrh-Scented Rose
Expedition Supplies
Expedition Supply
Toolbox.png Crate of Expedition Supplies
Notebook of Case-Notes
Writer.png Compilation of Case-Notes
Tears of the Bazaar Bazaartears.png Vial of Tears of the Bazaar
F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour: half-full Vialblue.png F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour: Half-Full
Correspondence Stones Correspondencestone.png Set of Correspondence Stones
Incendiary Gossip Conversation.png Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
A Leathery Human Heart Heartwithered.png Leathery Human Heart
Devilbone Dice Dice.png Devilbone Die
Glad Rags Dresspurple.png Bundle of Glad Rags
Deeds to a Decommissioned Steamer Document.png Deed to a Decommissioned Steamer
Cracksman's Mittens Fingerlessblack.png Pair of Cracksman's Mittens
Cutpurse's Mittens Fingerless.png Pair of Cutpurse's Mittens
Dancemaster's Dabs Whiteglovepurpleback.png Pair of Dancemaster's Dabs
Hushed Spidersilk Slippers Slippersblackgreyback.png Pair of Hushed Spidersilk Slippers
Iron Wrist Manacles Manacles.png Pair of Iron Manacles
Kingscale Boots Bootskingscale.png Pair of Kingscale Boots
Lady's Lace Gloves Whiteglovepurplebacksmall.png Pair of Lady's Lace Gloves
Iron Ankle Manacles
Leg Irons
Manacles.png Pair of Leg Irons
Lenguals Lenguals.png Pair of Lenguals
Magician's Gloves Whitegloveblackbacksmall.png Pair of Magician's Gloves
Masterwork Dancing Slippers Slipperswhitesmall.png Pair of Masterwork Dancing Slippers
Ratskin Boots Bootsgrey.png Pair of Ratskin Boots
Scuffed Boots Bootsblacksmall.png Pair of Scuffed Boots
Spiderchitin Gauntlets Greenglovesmall.png Pair of Spiderchitin Gauntlets
Spidersilk Slippers Slippersblackwhiteback.png Pair of Spidersilk Slippers
Squeakless Boots Bootsblacksmall.png Pair of Squeakless Boots
Stylish Riding Boots Bootsbrown.png Pair of Stylish Riding Boots
Vakeskin Boots Bootsvake.png Pair of Vakeskin Boots
Intricate Kifers Lockpicksgolden.png Set of Intricate Kifers
Kifers Lockpicks.png Set of Kifers
Meritorious Copy Newspaper.png Meritorious Copy
Outlandish Copy Newspaper.png Outlandish Copy
Salacious Copy Newspaper.png Salacious Copy
A Volume of your Cryptopaleontological Work Bookred.png Volume of your Cryptopalaeontological Work
A Volume of your Prelapsarian Archaeological Work Book.png Volume of your Prelapsarian Archaeological Work
A Volume of your Theosophistical Work Bookpurple.png Volume of your Theosophistical Work
A Cheerful Goldfish Fish gold.png Cheerful Goldfish
Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin Stockingsfake.png Pair of Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin
A Meticulously Altered Stocking Xmas stocking.png Meticulously Altered Stocking
A Magnificent Feast Lambchop.png Magnificent Feast
Forgotten Spidersilk Slippers Slippersblackgreyback.png Pair of Forgotten Spidersilk Slippers
Savage Hob-nailed Boots Bootsred.png Pair of Savage Hob-Nailed Boots
Stain on your soul Bloodstain.png Stain on Your Soul
Puzzle-Damask Scrap6.png Puzzle-Damask Scrap
Parabola-Linen Scrap4.png Parabola-Linen Scrap
A Potential Christmas Card Envelope.png Potential Christmas Card
An Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow Snowbucket.png Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow

Other renamed items (add new discoveries to the list!):