Repent your ruthlessness

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From: Dabble in the Great Game

You are no dabbler. Not any more. You are a player, permitted to confess - and forget - your crimes at the secret shrine of St. Joshua.... assuming you have the knowledge to find it.

Game Instructions: Buy a Direful Reflection. You will sacrifice some of your Ruthless quirk.

Unlocked with The Great Game - Opening Moves 1, Ruthless 4, 10 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip, 10 x Maniac's Prayer, 2 x Extraordinary Implication



[…] Suddenly, it is the next day. […] Which crime did you confess? You cannot remember. Yesterday is lost in a languorous, purplish fog that clings to your thoughts. That is the way of St. Joshua. He forgives; you forget.

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