Risk taking him outside

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From: What will you do with your Tell-Tale Beetle?

Let him see the light and air! Well, the fog and damp, but still.

Challenge information

Broad, Dangerous 10

  • 7 - very chancy (42%)
  • 9 - chancy (54%)
  • 11 - modest (66%)
  • 12 - very modest (72%)
  • 14 - low-risk (84%)
  • 16 - straightforward (96%)
  • 17 - straightforward (100%)


A taste of freedom

Your beetle flits about in the misty half-light. He seems almost joyful. He lands on your shoulder and drops a scrap of something interesting into your hand.



Your beetle seems unwilling to leave your shoulder. A young man, passing by, squeaks in fright at the sight of you. You return inside, and your friend retreats back up to his rafter, ticking.