Seek a toothsome confession of pride

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From: Confessions at the Feast of Masks

Action Cost: 3

People such as yourselves need not trouble yourselves with lesser errors. You'd be here all day,

Game Instructions: You will need an associate of Some Importance who has Wounds and Nightmares of 3 or more and who hasn't confessed to you already.

Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance - of either tier; A Person of Some Importance - a friend who is, Nightmares with 3, Wounds 3, Trust with you no more than 0 and Exposed by you no more than 0

When Sent

You don a skull mask...

...and carry an unlit candle. The air is raucous with weeping and laughter.

You overhear two urchins on a rooftop. 'I saw it!' One whispers. 'I'll steal the sun's own eyes, and wear 'em as cufflinks!' His colleague is sceptical. 'You'll need cuffs, first. Rest of the shirt wouldn't hurt, neither.'

Your friend will receive:

Skullbrasssmall.png At the Feast of Masks, [Friend] wore a golden skull and carried an unlit candle. Softly, they invited you to confess an error of pride.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] admits the things they've done to achieve their high station. It takes some time. You tell them you'll light a candle to devour the stain of their deeds. It had better be a big one.

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png You confess the deeds you committed to attain your high station while [Friend] listens patiently. The night has passed by the time you're done. You feel lighter, somehow.