Set out on a Scientific Expedition

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From: Tea with the Loquacious Vicar

"I was talking to His Amused Lordship's personal valet today. Nasty sort. He told me that he keeps 'losing' the recommendations for you to be given aid from the Dilmun Club. I'd blackmail him if I were you."

Game Instructions: This will begin a journey of scientific discovery across the Unterzee. You can acquire Blackmail Material from the Velocipede Squad or at an Elaborate Party. Books of Hidden Bodies can be created at the Bazaar Side-streets. Extraordinary Implications can be found in the Foreign Office or on the Unterzee Islands.

Unlocked with

Locked with Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery


Certain dispensations

[…] "The Dilmun Club is meeting in the upstairs room of the Bridge Without. You are invited to address them upon the matter of your academic background and suitability for certain dispensations that may be available to you." […]

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