Take the wager to play against the Pentecost Ape

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From: Apes and Ivory

It has a tail, which apes generally don't. But taxonomy is mysterious; monkeys, more so.

Game Instructions: Your reputation as a chess player goes before you. The higher your Watchful, the greater the stake: but a win will pay out at double your stake.

Unlocked with [modified Watchful level] x Penny

Challenge information

Watchful chancy (60%), regardless of Watchful level


A disciplined mind

The Ape mutters and chatters. You pay no attention. Some nonsense of tea and labyrinths. Its game is fierce, but not sophisticated. You blunt the edge of its attack […] The Mountebank counts out coins, glumly, glancing sidelong at the Ape.

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An unsettling habit

The Ape mutters to itself […] "...woods in winter. And I saw the prints of its feet..." […] Something about a frozen river; a poisoned chandelier; Vienna. Perhaps that's what spoils your concentration, when it catches you in a sneaky snap mate. […]

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