Take to the stage, a strange hunger in your belly

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From: The comedy of the absurd!

They want comedy? There is a red kind of laughter on you tonight.

Game Instructions: At very best, this choice will cause you all kinds of misery. Don't do it.

Unlocked with A Connoisseur of Neathy Delights 3


Who's laughing now?

You take the stage. You cough. The gaslights sink low. […]

"When a candle-flame goes out," you ask the audience, "where does it go? Who was given? Who remains? Where does he lie? Why is water? What is the name? Who are the -"

[…] silence […]

Description summary:
You take the stage and start speaking about candles, water and a certain lost person. As you are hustled off the stage you cant remember what you were talking about and feel in your mouth the taste of old wells.

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