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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Finds a list of relevant pages, creates a link to a Category-style page with supporting text description and links using Semantic Mediawiki data. The displayed links use additional Semantic MediaWiki data to include the following information about each page:

The listed pages will be those linking to the Object page using the Property. The Property may include records or other Property Chains. And additional Property may be displayed by passing it in the Extra parameter.

If the Objects being selected are Records, then Record should be the name of the Record-type property, and Property should be the name of the field of the record. This is only necessary when Extra is a different field of the same record; otherwise, it is simpler to select the page directly by passing a Property Chain to Property.

The Description will be the anchor text of the link, and should completely the sentence "Look at this list of ___." This text should not itself contain links.

The header of the generated page will include Object's icon (via {{Right}}), and the text in Header. This text will default to Description if not provided, but may include links and may be longer.

Finds a list of relevant pages, creates an expandable list on the page with supporting text description and links. This is in the style of the Category Tree template, but using Semantic Mediawiki data instead.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


The page being linked to. For most uses, this should be the pagename, or a cleaned-up version of it.

Piece of Rostygold

Pages included in the list will use this Property to link to the Object page. Note that this value should not use the "Property:" namespace qualifier.


Describes what the pages represent. This text is used in several places. The description should complete the sentence "Look at this list of ___."

actions that give this item

Text to be displayed above the Category-type page being linked to. May include links, template calls, etc. The page will automatically include the Object's icon, and a dividing line.

actions that give Piece of Rostygold.

If the object being selected is a record, then the name of the record. Only needed when another field of the same record is passed to Extra. Otherwise, simply pass a Property Chain to the Property parameter.


An additional Property of the page to be displayed in parentheses. If this is a field of a record, then also use the Record field.

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