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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Used to create a list of the restrictions on accessing a page, based on existing categories or properties, in a format suitable for display on the wiki. The result of this template should be stored in Property:Has restrictions and accessed from there, rather than being generated on-the-fly.

By default queries the current page, but can be passed a different page as the first argument.

Currently sets the following, in the following order:

  • RETIRED based on Property:Is retired
  • FATE if the page belongs to Category:Fate
  • SMEN if the page belongs to Category:Seeking Mr Eaten's Name
  • Festival tags if the page belongs to the appropriate category: FEAST OF THE ROSE, WHITSUN, ELECTION, Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out, FRUITS OF THE ZEE, HALLOWMAS, and CHRISTMAS
  • Ambition tags if the page belongs to the appropriate category: Ambition: Light Fingers!, Ambition: Heart's Desire!, Ambition: Bag a Legend!, and Ambition: Nemesis

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