Try your luck (Feast of the Rose)

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From: Secure a table at Dante's Grill

Collect your beloved, turn up a little early and hope for the best.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


A timely arrival

By happy chance, a table has just been vacated after someone chose to poison their lover in public. […] The staff are red-faced; this is uncouth behaviour for Dante's. But once the table is upright again […], you settle down to a charming meal.

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Rare Success

A sublime evening

[…] You turn up at Dante's just as a pair of customers must cut their dinner short. A love-rival has arrived[…], and they must away to Winewound Heath! You […] enjoy a delightful meal[…]. But whatever happened to those star-crossed lovers?

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Although you are early, Dante's is full. The maître d' assures you the wait will be no more than half an hour. Four hours later, you are no nearer to being seated, and everywhere else is shut. Except the Rubbery Lump stand in Spite.