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For the Main guide to Ambition: Heart's Desire! see Ambition: Heart's Desire (Guide), for the Guide to the previous sub-branch see Ambition: Heart's Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre's (Guide)

Work in progress by Asarta

Devious. Inscrutable. Melancholy. Filthy. Incomprehensible. The Topsy King is many of these things.


In the previous part of Ambition: Heart's Desire! ( Ambition: Heart's Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre's) you tracked down the first player of the Marvellous the Bishop himself and convinced him to start early; you also gathered the traditional stake of the Marvellous 77 x First City Coin. The Bishop gave you the name of two other players: The Topsy King, insane ruler of the Flit (at least that's what he says) and The Manager the Royal Bethlehem who is "interested" in persons who are only loosely attached to their sanity. You decided to convince the Topsy King first and therefore traveled to The Flit.

Who is the Topsy King? (Ambition: Heart's Desire - the Topsy King 1-4[edit]

After having convinced the Bishop to start early you have traveled to The Flit to convince London's mad beggar-king; The Topsy King.

Wiki note: A lot of the following options have 77 x First City Coin as a requirement. None of them will consume them however, the requirement is only there to check if you still have them. As soon as you have less than 77 you'll be locked out of this branch and send back to Ambition: Heart's Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre's 4

The Topsy King's career in the Shuttered Palace (Ambition: Heart's Desire - the Topsy King 5-8)[edit]