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“Do not try and bend the Spirifer's fork, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth... there is no fork. Then you will see it is not the fork that bends, it is only your soul.”

― Bashir Vassar, Infernal Meditations

Lord Bashir Vassar, circa 1895

Greetings, delicious reader! I am Bashir Vassar, and you have found yourself in the darkest corner of biographical journalism in all the Neath. Here you will find nothing more than a few choice words regarding the legend I've been told I am in my own mind...

In fact, as not to waste my own precious ones, I shall part with 26 words others have used to describe me over the years: Author. Bohemian. Charlatan. Dilettante. Explorer. Fabulous. Gentry. Holy. Infernal. Journalist. Kind. Lunatic. Mercurial. Naive. Overzealous. Philosopher. Quixotic. Rebellious. Socialite. Thief. Uncouth. Visionary. Wealthy. Xenophilic. Youthful. Zealous.

Now that you have me at a disadvantage, perhaps you won't mind introducing yourself? Please don't hesitate to send me your Calling Card, and let us see what misadventures might ensue! Perhaps you're even looking for a protégé of your very own to mentor? If so, rest assured I would make, and have made, any Patron proud to have me.

Currently Seeking[edit]

If you happen to be of a magnanimous nature and in good spirits, gifts are always welcome. I've even done my best to make such decisions easier for you by providing some ideas:

  • Some Hesperidean Cider, if but a sip.
  • An invitation to the exclusive Temple Club; for I would never be a part of any club that would have me, but... peeking inside would be delightful.
  • If nothing else, a Surprise Package is sure to bring a smile.