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Hi! I've been here since somewhere in 2016 and making edits as an anonymous contributor. But then I realized I needed an account to edit templates, so I retrieved my old wikia account. I'm somewhat motivated when I have no on-going academic/personal projects, but I may fall in periods of inactivity.

Stuff to do[edit]

In no particular order,

Tower of Eyes, and Salon/Orphanage[edit]



In this subcategory, I aim to fix the challenge difficulties, clarify requirements, add unknown outcomes, fix obscure qualities/quality level descriptions and re-trim when necessary. And CPs, of course.

Flash Lays[edit]

Those seem to be not-quite-that-appreciated by the community for locking players in. As a result, many outcomes are missing. I also plan on fixing the challenge information.

Conversion to Favours/Renown[edit]

To keep the wiki updated.

Other than these, various SMEN options when I can as well as qualities and templates. Occasionally, I'll upload pictures.