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A quick-reference guide to unlock requirements for all locations.

Most locations in London can be permanently unlocked, meaning that after you've learned of their existence and visited them once (meeting any unlock requirements), they are accessible for free thereafter.

A few locations in London are gated locations, indicated by a gate icon above their map label. These have unlock requirements you must meet every time you visit them. For some (such as The Clay Quarters and Doubt Street), you have to pay in items; for others, you have to possess a special item or quality to enter (such as Membership of the Temple Club, or being An Exceptional Friend to access the House of Chimes).

Locations outside London are those not directly accessible via the map. These include temporary locations like Arbor, the various Menace locations, the Hinterlands, Parabola, and places accessed by zailing.

Places that can only be accessed once you are a Person of Some Importance are marked PoSI, with a reference to the PoSI-associated prerequisite to access. The most common PoSI requirements for locations are access to a Parabolan Base-Camp, a University Laboratory, or your own ship for Zailing.

London map locations[edit]

These places are accessible from the main London map, either directly or from within another map-accessible area.

Area-Diving in Spite: In the Spite map area. Unlocked with A Name Whispered in Darkness 2.

Base-Camp (Forgotten Quarter): Accessible once you permanently unlock the Forgotten Quarter and set up camp. See Forgotten Quarter Expeditions (Guide).

Bazaar Side-streets: Unlocked during the Person of Some Little Consequence story that ultimately grants PoSI status.

The Blind Helmsman: In the Wolfstack Docks map area. Permanently unlocked when you're invited to duel the Black Ribbon.

The Bone Market: PoSI (Laboratory). Accessed via The Back Stair to the Bone Market in the Dept. of Menace Eradication. See Assembling a Skeleton (Guide).

Cave of the Nadir: Temporary location accessed through the Secular Missionary storyline initially, then afterwards via your Base-Camp. See Cave of the Nadir (Guide).

The Clay Quarters: Gated location in the Ladybones Road map area, available when you start The Case of the Disappearing Heiress. The unlock requirements vary depending on your progress in certain stories.

Concord Square: In the Ladybones Road map area, accessible once you have a Velocipede.

The Crowds of Spite: In the Spite map area. Unlocked with Shadowy 10 in the storylet Try the Pickpocket's Promenade! See The Crowds of Spite (Guide).

The Department of Menace Eradication: In the Watchmaker's Hill map area. Permanently unlocked for free from Watchmaker's Hill, via Visit the Department of Menace Eradication.

Doubt Street: In the Spite map area.

The Empress' Court: In the Shuttered Palace map area.

The Flit

The Foreign Office: PoSI. Accessible once you have been Banished from the Court.

The Forgotten Quarter

House of Chimes: Accessible to Exceptional Friends. Located between the Veilgarden and Forgotten Quarter map areas, in the partially submerged remains of a certain clock tower.

The Labyrinth of Tigers

Ladybones Road: Starting location.

Mahogany Hall: Location in the Spite map area.

The Medusa's Head: In the Watchmaker's Hill map area. Permanently unlocked for free from Watchmaker's Hill, via Visit the Medusa's Head.

Moloch Street: Location in the Ladybones Road map area, unlocked either by tracking down the Honey-Addled Detective, or by beginning the Case of the Disappearing Heiress (with A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 3).

Mrs Plenty's Carnival: Starting location.

Plan a Heist: Permanently unlocked via Your Adventures are an Inspiration, when you finish A Rash of Burglaries in The Flit.

  • On a Heist: Temporary location while carrying out any heist.

The Rat Market: Appears in the Flit between 11AM Friday and 11AM Monday. See The Rat Market (Guide).

The Shuttered Palace

The Singing Mandrake: Starting location in the Veilgarden map area.

Spite: Starting location.

The Temple Club

The University: Location in the Veilgarden map area.

University Laboratory: PoSI.

  • see Reflection of Your Laboratory for the equivalent location in Parabola.

Veilgarden: Starting location.

Watchmaker's Hill: Starting location.

Wilmot's End: PoSI. "A little known corner of Tyrant's Gardens" where the Great Game is played, and the location of the Foreign Office. There are several ways to unlock this route:

Wolfstack Docks

Your Activities: Requires Your Lodgings and A Name Signed With a Flourish 2.

Your Lodgings: Must have at least a 2-card Lodgings. For new players, this is most likely to be done via the storylet Find somewhere to live!

Your Social Engagements: Requires Your Lodgings.

Menace locations[edit]

Places that can only be reached by raising Menaces; see Menaces (Guide).

A boat trip: Menace location reached with Wounds 8.

Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies: Menace location with Scandal 8.

The Mirror-Marches: Menace location with Nightmares 8.

New Newgate Prison: Menace location with Suspicion 8.

A state of some confusion: Menace location, with Nightmares 8.


See Parabola (Guide).

Base requirements: PoSI and a Laboratory.

Parabolan Base-Camp: Your base of operations. From here, you can deal with Wounds and Nightmares, hunt various beasts, or venture into other parts of Parabola.

Reflection of your Laboratory

The Chessboard

The Dome of Scales

Parabolan Pavilion: See Parabolan War (Guide)

Viric Jungle

The Waswood

Railway locations[edit]

Destinations along the Great Hellbound Railway (GHR). Also referred to as the Hinterlands or the Upper River. Once you've built each station, you can travel there from All aboard! at Moloch Street. Guides: Railway, Railway Beginning, Railway Board.

Base requirements: PoSI Tier 2 (any specialisation), Persuasive 175 (modified)

Ealing Gardens

Jericho Locks: See Canal Cruising in Jericho Locks (Guide).

  • The Cedarwood
  • The Eversmoulder
  • The Fiddler's Scarlet
  • The Octagonal Tomb
  • The Persephone
  • The Sere Palace

The Magistracy of the Evenlode


Station VIII

  • Factory VIII
  • Hillchanger Tower



The Hurlers

Marigold Station

Temporary locations[edit]

Areas not directly accessible by other means of travel.

Arbor, of the Roses: Temporary location accessed via the Opportunity Card A Dream of Roses. See Arbor (Guide).

The Liberation of Night: A temporary location visited when gaining certain Destinies during one of London's festivals.

The Mind of a Long-Dead God

A train going imprudently fast: Your location during a certain part of the Railway storyline.

Zailing locations[edit]

These areas can only be reached by Zailing; see Zailing (Guide).

Base requirements: PoSI and a ship. Exceptions: Polythreme (buy a ticket); Mutton Island during Fruits of the Zee.


Angler Crab Spawning Grounds: Set as your Zee destination when you Hunt an Angler Crab. (Angler Crab hunting season is a recurring event.)

Avid Horizon

Bullbone Island

The Copper Quarter

Corpsecage Island

The Court of the Wakeful Eye: Requires Associating with Radical Academics 20 (see Guide) to unlock the storylet allowing you to zail here.

Grunting Fen

Heartscross House: The Governor's Mansion at Port Carnelian.

Home Waters

Hunter's Keep

Iron Republic Streets: You'll need an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct to get here, which requires 1 x Brass Ring, 3 x Mark of Credit Page, and Renown: Hell 10. Get this on either the Secrets and Spending Opportunity Card or by chatting with the Local Gossip.

Khan's Heart

Mutton Island: Accessible even without a ship during the Fruits of the Zee festival.


Plated Seal Spawning Grounds: Set as your Zee destination when you Hunt a Plated Seal.


Polythreme: Can be reached before acquiring a ship by purchasing a ticket for 150 x Map Scrap. See Polythremic Promenade (Guide).

Poring over the Maps: Your location when charting a course.

Port Carnelian: London's outpost on the Elder Continent. The Governor's Mansion is Heartscross House.

The Sea of Voices

Shepherd's Wash


The tomb-colony of Venderbight

Ambition locations[edit]

Places that can only be accessed as part of a certain Ambition.

Ambition: Bag a Legend!

Ambition: Light Fingers!

SMEN locations[edit]

Only accessible as part of Seeking Mr Eaten's Name.

The Approach to the Mountain

The Chapel of Lights


A place not worth visiting: SMEN location set as your destination when headed to the Approach to the Mountain.

Inaccessible locations[edit]

These are places, either labelled on the map or otherwise referred to, that are not directly visitable.

The Bazaar: In the Bazaar Side-streets map area. You may be looking for the Echo Bazaar, the main London shop location accessible via the Bazaar tab. There is also a 4-card and 5-card Lodgings available at the Bazaar.

The Brass Embassy: You may be looking for Moloch Street. A guest room at the Brass Embassy is also a 4-card and 5-card Lodgings.

Bugsby's Marshes: In the Watchmaker's Hill map area. It is implicitly accessed in certain cards at storylets, such as those involving shroom-hopping, and when hunting certain beasts that live there.

Hater's Bridge: In the Bazaar Side-streets map area. Mentioned in a Feast of the Rose storylet involving the Crimson Captain.

Hell: You may be looking for The Gates of Hell, The Iron Republic Streets, Moloch Street, or Marigold Station.

The Hinterlands: Locations outside London along the Great Hellbound Railway; also referred to as the Upper River. Includes Ealing Gardens, Jericho Locks, the Magistracy of the Evenlode, Balmoral, Station VIII, Burrow-Infra-Mump, Moulin, the Hurlers, and Marigold Station.

Hood's Bridge: In the Bazaar Side-streets map area. Referenced in some Hallowmas storylets.

The Orphanage: In the Flit map area. Not visitable, except during a certain part of Ambition: Light Fingers! (see the shadows of the Orphanage and the Silent Corridors of the Orphanage).

Prickfinger Wastes: In the Mrs Plenty's Carnival map area.

The Royal Bethlehem: You may be looking for A state of some confusion. A guest room at the Royal Beth is also a 4-card or 5-card Lodgings.

St. Fiacre's Cathedral: In the Veilgarden map area.

The Tomb-Colonies: You may be looking for Disgraced Exile in the Tomb-Colonies.

Tyrant's Gardens: The area where Wilmot's End and the Foreign Office are located.


Aboard a Tramp Steamer

The Adulterine Castle

Beneath the Silken Chapel

The Castle of Forests

Castles in the Ceiling

The Cavity

The Chambers of the Heart

The Dolorous Pavilion

Down among the Lorn-Flukes

An Exceptional Library

Far Beyond the Cordon

A Flash Lay

A Long Road

The Maze-Garden

On Deck

The Pillared Sea

The Salt Steppes

A Sand-Choked Dream

A Trade in Reputations

The Zee's Mirror